DC Comics Fans

DC Comics Fans

Dubbed the biggest show in the smallest state, Rhode Island Comic Con drew in some 60, people in , and even more are expected at the 5th annual event this weekend, which has grown to takeover two adjoining venues — the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. But Comic Con reaches far beyond just the comic book genre, and those tempted to write the event off as a passing “geek” fad might want to take a hard look at the guest lineup. If that’s not enough super-star power, throw in actress Tara Reid and Jon Heder, best known for his role as “Napoleon Dynamite,” along with dozens more. The total number of guests in , slightly down from Soares said, is And it’s not just the massive star presence that makes this event so exciting, although fans will learn they might have to spend a few dollars to maximize their experience. There are established fees for photos and autographs and VIP packages include perks such as swag bags and “fast passes’ to put you at the front of the autograph line. Lee’s appearance is complimented by a collectibles booth filled with exclusive “Stan Lee” merchandise including comic books, prints and toys. Guests will even have a chance to win a tattoo designed by the artist. Fans of Gadot’s latest role as Wonder Woman might enjoy a peak at some decades-old memorabilia from the original female superhero, courtesy of the Marston Family’s Wonder Woman Museum. But the celebrities are still just the start of what makes Comic Con truly something to see.

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Share Comics are awesome, right? These 14 sites are some of the best around. Bleeding Cool Bleeding Cool is the scummy gossip rag of the comics world, a site that everyone loves to hate. Happy to print rumors, but also the source of the occasional bit of honest journalism, Bleeding Cool was founded by Rich Johnston, who spun off his success from his CBR column Lying in the Gutters.

Bleeding Cool is quick to publish, quick to point fingers, and quick to draw conclusions, leading many readers to be aggravated at the site and its writers.

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Both, after all, are meant to transport you to a world beyond your own experiences. Examining these two crafts by fusing them into one, Ink Brick is a journal that publishes what its editors call comic poetry. Among their published pieces are sketchy, twee love scenes, richly illustrated tales of lost astronauts, and spare panels starring a quiet night sky. We spoke with the editors of Ink Brick about comic poetry, and how their journal counters the notion that verse is elitist.

Tunis, and Alexey Sokolin, wrote in an e-mail. But basically, we see comics as writing that uses images to do some or all of the work that other forms would do with language. Why did you decide to begin a journal of comic poetry, and what do you hope to accomplish with the journal? Fifty years later, most people are still unfamiliar with the form, but the last decade or so has seen a groundswell of talented creators working in it.

We founded our journal to be a gathering place for that community of creators. Our goals are to introduce readers to the form, help contextualize it by gathering it together, create the space for an artistic conversation, and to help support and celebrate the cartoonist-poets who inspire us. The bit about context is especially important since we know most people are encountering comics poetry for the first time.

Seeing how multiple creators approach the task gives a first-time reader more to work with.

‘Keep the Change’ Trailer: Aspiring Filmmaker Finds a Fellow “Weird” Companion (Exclusive Video)

As you may already know the world has suffered the loss of a truly great man, well before his time. While this site has grown over the years to feature many artists and comics, its origins sprang from a Michael Turner dedicated fan site. I cannot count how many artists took their inspiration and direction from Michael. I still cannot believe he is gone and I cannot begin to imagine the world without him. He leaves a base of fans spanning the globe that adore his work and will find a void that will never be filled.

While I am just a fan in the eyes of any passerby, I would count Michael a friend, for he certainly went above and beyond to extend what could only be felt as a personal connection to me and every other fan he met.

Nov 20,  · The vast umbrella of geek culture covers nearly all pop culture these days in one regard or another, but if you’re looking to dress up and come together with like-minded fans to celebrate the o.

Dove Cameron’s cryptic new Instagram suggests we may be seeing the Descendants star on season 2 of Riverdale. Ever since it was teased that iconic Archie Comics character and teenage witch Sabrina could be coming to Riverdale, fans have expressed interest in Cameron taking on the role. Cameron caught wind of the rumor and was admitted that she was totally onboard, stating in one interview with Shine Media that if Riverdale came calling, she would definitely join the cast.

Simply a phone emoji. There’s no phone in the pic, or any reference to one within the panel. However, if one was to, say, find out that they snagged a role on Riverdale, well However, it also seems like exactly the kind of thing an actress who can’t just make that big announcement might post to rev her fans up without spilling the tea. It’s also pretty similar to how Lili Reinhart learned she snagged the role of Betty on the series.

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Mail icon “[People here] might look intimidating because of their costumes, but everyone here is really just a big nerd,” the Baltimore native said as crowds filed into the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The convention drew tens of thousands of fans, many of them in costume as a wide range of comic-book and anime characters. After waiting in long lines, attendees arrived excited for photo-ops with celebrities, rows of comic-themed merchandise, costume contests, and more.

Greg Meyer, 55, a resident of Mays Landing, N. For 5-year-old South Jersey resident Alaina Moore, dressed as Spider Girl, the main draw of the event was the super heroes.

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No One Noticed Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Secretly Holding Hands in This Comic-Con Interview

Share this article Share The Hollywood actor arrived at the event looking dapper, wearing a black velvet blazer over a matching button-down shirt and trousers, while he donned polished leather shoes. Ahead of making his appearance at the convention, he spoke with Philly. Bruce’s upcoming memoir – which he is still working on – is sure to be of interest to fans of his earlier work, as the star plans to tell all about those he’s worked with.

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History Before the internet The earliest form of interaction between Transformers fans that went beyond the usual schoolyard talks was the Letters Pages in the Generation 1 comics by Marvel. In addition, the S. Unofficial fanclubs were formed as early as One of them, the Transmasters club, even got a shoutout in the letters pages in issue 79 of the Marvel US G1 comic published in , leading to a huge influx of new members, soon growing to members globally.

The original organizers of the club soon began to crumble under the weight, leaving matters to new members who would take over responsibilities. A British branch of the club was also formed, which would go on to produce a prolific amount of stories, art and fanzines, and whose early members included the now-pro James Roberts , Nick Roche , and Jack Lawrence. The club was even officially recognized by Hasbro in , legally giving them permission to use the Transformers likeness for non-profit purposes.

The early days of online fandom Nobody’s too old to read Transformers! Dreadwind , Transformers UK As fans grew older, those few that did not outgrow their hobby like most children do eventually found a form of communicating with each other on the internet.

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Their culture is roughly comparable to the Iroquois Native American nation. Within their founder group, a female High One named Timmain had been the only member to retain her shape-shifting ability. When winter came, Timmain shape-shifted into a wolf to hunt food for the starving elves around her. She sank very deeply into her wolf-form and eventually forgot her original identity, even mating with a native wolf to produce a half-wolf chimeric son whom she handed over to the Elves after teaching him as much as she could as a wolf.

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Jan 09, Although fans’ gesture of shipping the “Outlander” Season 3 co-stars was initially sweet and harmless, it did get to the point of cyber-bullying. The unfortunate victim of these mean comments and accusations was the “First Light” actor’s rumored real-life girlfriend Mackenzie Mauzy. It’s no secret that fans are one of the many reason to make and break a love team.

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The latest episode of tv show Krypton, which focuses on the home world of Superman before it was destroyed, has placed a very unsubtle hint to make us think so. The Krypton version of Adam Strange, played by Shaun Sipos, is very different from his comic book counterpart. In an effort to reach his loved ones, Seg finds a way to contact Adam Strange through a communicator.

After hearing the message, Lyta hatches a plan to save her lover and demands that Strange help her. She then tells him to join her in a unisex locker room to prepare. While in the locker room, Adam Strange sees a naked male soldier inside. The camera pans over the naked male as if its Strange getting an eyeful of the man. The male soldier then smiles before walking away to give Strange the full view and does the classic whipped towel over the shoulder.

Clearly, this scene is giving us the implication that Adam Strange is gay or bisexual, but will the show play with that idea more?

Holy Buckets, Batman: It’s Poetry For Comic Book Fans!

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Pin it Cosplay is bigger than ever at this year’s Comic-Con International: Here are a few of the more creative costumes – new photos will be added to this page each day of the Con, so check back to see the newest. Jamie Ralph Gardner Reverse gender cosplay is becoming more popular. It seemed like there were more people reversing the gender of characters than in previous years at Comic-Con. The Punisher, a Marvel Comics character inspired by The Executioner novels, is cosplayed here by a woman and a man.

In the comic books, the Punisher is a male character who was originally depicted as a Vietnam veteran. The Loki cosplayer is male, but Loki has been both male and female in the Thor comic books. In the movie starring Sylvester Stallone , Taco Bell is depicted as the last survivor of the restaurant chain wars.

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