Firearm and Handgun Manufacturers

Firearm and Handgun Manufacturers

King Cobra Anaconda I tried to keep this brief and fit it into one post, so forgive me if I leave out any important details as I am by no means an expert on Colts. I don’t think the folks at Colt knew that they would be making a series of guns named after snakes back in , but the Cobra was the first. The Cobra was built on the “D” frame, it was essentially a Detective Special with an aluminum alloy frame. The cylinder held six cartridges and was chambered in. Barrel lengths were 2″, 3″ and 4″ even a 5″ on the. In the D frame was revamped, usually distinguishable by the ejector rod shroud, that included some changes to the lock work. After 31 years in production, the Cobra was discontinued in Values have increased, but not near as much as the other snake guns, perhaps because of its aluminum frame or its status as a working mans gun. If you are not rich and want a Colt snake, this is probably your best bet. The most famous Colt Cobra?

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Colt Cobra sets standard for snubbie revolvers Snake guns could not be hotter these days, and with the revived Cobra, Colt makes their first re-entry into the beloved reptilian market. The double-action, stainless steel Cobra revolver is built for concealability. The small-framed, two-inch barrel, and unloaded ounce weight makes this an ideal carry gun or backup arm. The Cobra features Hogue over-molded grips, which make this pocket gun more controllable than its counterparts, comes equipped with a red fiber optic front sight but a Tritium upgrade partnered with the old-style trench rear is also available, and the clean matte stainless is currently the only available finish.

The gun comes packed in a much larger than necessary Colt blue plastic case. While outward appearances of the original and new Cobras are not terribly different other than in exterior finish, the internals bear little resemblance to one another.

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new Colt Cobra

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Colt’s first entry in the field was with the aluminum framed Colt Commander automatic of Their second entry was with an aluminum frame version of the Detective Special. Colt called this aluminum alloy “Coltalloy”. This new model was named the Colt Cobra. This was the first time Colt named a gun after a snake, and led to a series of “Snake” named pistols made by Colt. It was basically just the Detective Special with an aluminum frame, side plate, and cylinder crane.

The barrel and all other parts were made of steel.

Colt Cobra Holsters

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Buy online, view images and see past prices for COLT COBRA S&W Revolver. Like New Condition. RARE Cobra Polished Nickel 6-Shot Smith & Wesson with Original Oversized Colt Checkered Walnut Grips with Colt Medallion. Appears UNFIRED. A True Collectors Gun in Original Colt Packaging as Pictured.. Invaluable is the world’s largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles.

Posts 2, The nice thing for me is I have no prejudice either way. And, I’m lucky enough to have both. A guy reads about guns, and the Colt “Snakes” seem to be held in high esteem. The Smiths go way back and also have solid reputations. When I shoot them, they really feel comparable. I’d say the way the rock or recoil is very similar. I’ve shot a few revolvers that felt different. At least now I think I am making a fair comparison. Not like comparing a 6″. When I mentioned the trigger on the Smith part of my input was based on a friends comment that it felt too good to be factory.

It would be fun to go try a truly factory piece to see the difference. The 2 times I’ve shot them side by side I shot the 19 better than the Cobra. No Fishhogg, that doesn’t mean the KC is for sale. I do struggle with aquiring the sites due to wearing glasses.

Colt Cobra

SHOT Show – Colt reintroduces the legendary Cobra revolver as a preamble to the relaunch of the signature ‘Snake’ series of firearms! Colt introduces the new Cobra pocket revolver! The Cobra marks the triumphant return of Colt on the revolvers market Yes, you read it right: We are talking about names that made history, such as Anaconda, Viper, Python, Diamondback

Feb 02,  · Double action stayed about the same but single action dropped to (3 pulls , , ) and smooth smooth smooth. Overall I think it’s a great little Colt, will be heading back to the range this weekend and will post a range report.

As such, these pictures generally do not include items such as the box, manual, or included accessories. They also do not necessarily accurately represent details such as wood grain or wood color, as these details will vary widely. If you are interested in a particular product that is listed on this website, but you are concerned with the exact wood grain or color, please contact us, and we will do our best to send you a picture of the actual product that you would receive.

Purchasing a firearm online is simple and very similar to any online shopping experience. The difference is that we cannot send the firearm to you. We only need two things from YOU to complete and process a firearm purchase online:

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Trigger pull for this double-action pistol is a crisp 5. Unfortunately, adding a stock to a pistol technically turns it into a rifle, at least as far as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is concerned. The result is a weapon that looks like it would at home in the trenches of World War I, particularly with a drum magazine attached. The detachable stock and grips are both made of walnut.

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The Colt is still smaller than a K frame Smith. A guy that works in the Colt Custom shop has posted elsewhere that there will likely be alloy frames, , Diamondbacks, and Pythons coming. Theres been talk on several forums, the Colt forums may have the easiest to find.

One of the products introduced last week at the SHOT Show was the new Colt Cobra revolver. This six-shot wheelgun marks the return of Colt to the double-action wheelgun market. This six-shot wheelgun marks the return of Colt to the double-action wheelgun market.

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Colt Cobra

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