How do I hook-up a turntable to my Yamaha AV receiver that has no phono input?

How do I hook-up a turntable to my Yamaha AV receiver that has no phono input?

Fresno, California duse said: I did a search and figure I could tie my question in to this thread, since technically it is a “Turntable to Receiver Question. I say “had” because I can further give a thumbs up to the statement “Absolutely nothing good can happen when you mess with stuff that is powered on I was able to quiet the hum to nil once I got the grounded wire situated. I put on the reissue of Gish. I’ve done some research and cannot determine what the problem could be. I understand that “louder is not better,” but it goes further than that. I had noticed it with the other amp, but not to this level. I am not sure what type of cartridge that ECD is. It is not listed on AT’s site.

How do I set up my turntable?

Vinyl Resources Sonos record player setup I just stumbled upon the fact that it is possible to set up your turntable with a Sonos system to play music. I suppose it was only a matter of time, but I hadn’t thought about the concept for a number of years and since I already have my receiver hooked up with an Apple TV, I wasn’t really missing the ability to stream music from my phone and computer when I didn’t want to play records.

Now that I know I can hook my Sonos up to the turntable and pump that audio all over the house, this feels like the perfect match for my love for playing music on vinyl and my desire to be in different areas of my house while doing so. AMP you can plug any record player with a built-in preamp like the Audio-Technica LP directly into the unit and start streaming to your Sonos speakers without a receiver.

I forgot to mention that you can use your old receiver to connect up the turntable for now. Plus, it won’t cost you anything except a couple of cables. Just connect the turntable into the phono inputs of the old receiver and connct the tape out jacks on the old receiver to the aux inputs on the new receiver.

Customer Reviews Rated 5 out of 5 by Paul35 from Very nice looking turntable, easy to connect up. Comes with a pre amp and is really easy to set up. I did a lot of research in to turntables before I bought this. In my opinion it is better looking and has the rubber mat for the disc to sit on. It’s very simple to set up and with a good am and nice speakers it produces a lovely sound. The Audio Technica has very good reviews as well.

Again I had amazing service from Richer Sounds. Overall sound quality when using it with my Pioneer is excellent. The auto function is a great bonus, as I always used to accidentally leave the tonearm in the runout. Turned out to be even better value just before Christmas. Performs brilliantly for a first turntable, matched to my Marantz amp and Mordant Short speakers.

How do I hook up a Record Player (turntable) ?

If that is you and you are reading this, then stop. To you, the answer is: Only if you want one. The added complexity is evident every time you try to tell someone else how to watch TV:

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Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Answers Rating Newest Oldest The EQ is 2 channel and requires an amp the an EQ loop stereo out to stereo in between the pre and power sections of the amp circuits. Your AV receiver is 5. Finally, your deals with digital signals and some of those are encrypted in such a way that it makes it very difficult to break out audio and then reduce it from 5.

IOW, the signals aren’t compatible with an analogue stereo device. At least that way the EQ effect will be spread across all the ‘s speaker channels. It will only work for that single source though, not any others.

One more step

This brute belts out watts and one of the few in the collection that is able to drive my Magnepan MG s. This model was released during the famous Pioneer Silver Series era which makes these black faceplate models a rare catch. An AB comparison proved that the can go head-to-head with the and

Apr 12,  · Hi, I just built a brand new computer with the Sound Blaster Audigy Platium 2 ZS sound card, so now I want to know how to hook it up to my receiver. How to hook up Audigy Platium 2 to my receiver Login / Register.

Use Correctly for Best Results. Better built than consumer-grade USB turntables. Plus features to bring out the inner DJ in you. You may not be a DJ but there’s a good chance you care about sound quality. You’ll find the best built and best sounding turntables with a digital output in the DJ category. Keep this in mind: A DJ turntable is a musical instrument first and a record player second.

Unless properly outfitted, a DJ turntable will be hard on your records and you won’t get the best sound. Many analog turntables in the same price range have better specs. There are several things to know when buying a DJ turntable for vinyl archiving:

How do you hook up a Soundbar to a TV?

High-Tech A blind test finds out if s receivers can hold their own against the latest stuff What piece of audio gear has changed as much as the receiver? Since the early s, receivers have grown from friendly devices into monstrosities almost no one can figure out. It used to be that the toughest part of designing a receiver was finding cool new features to add. So what have all these new features brought us? Surround sound-but most people never hook up those extra speakers.

I have a Yamaha RX-V receiver and was looking for a better sound for my music, particularly from the Rega RP3 turntable. I purchased two Audiolab monbloc power amps connected from the pre-out front on the receiver to the front Mordant Short speakers.

The PDF files are provided under strict licence. Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Technics. At random times the pitch changes up or down, and when I try to adjust it the pitch control acts hypersensitive. An almost imperceptible movement swings the pitch wildly, and it’s really tough to get it to stabilize.

Or is it a failing part that must be replaced? Can an untrained but game layman fix it, or do I have to hand it over to a pro?

USB Turntable Comparison Guide

Again depending on how new the player is it will most likely have a HDMI output This connector handles both video and audio and makes it very easy to hook up. Go into the receivers menu and find the setting that assigns the input connections see manual for information. In the Players menu you will need to set up a few things that normally are not set properly. First find the video settings in the players menu and select the “aspect ratio” Most new TV’s are what is called

Sep 15,  · You can hook up a turntable to a receiver, whether it be a straight forward stereo one or surround sound one. You just hook it up using the standard analog phono leads (red Status: Resolved.

Posts 18, EQs and tape decks fell out of popularity starting in the late 80’s. Before this, many manufacturers had either a “processor loop” which had a pair of jumper connections that you removed and then wired in your EQ or they had a tape loop that was originally used to monitor your recording live, when using three head tape machines. If your receiver doesn’t have either of those and yours doesn’t look like it does the tape in and out doesn’t make the same signal loop that’s needed for an EQ to work.

What you may be able to do is run the turntable into the EQ and then the EQ into the phono input. I say may because the signal from the turntable is very low and I’m not sure if the EQ will lower that signal even more, or introduce some strange noise. It may also interfere with the RIAA equalization that takes place in the phono preamp. Proceed with caution if you give it a try.

How to Connect a Turntable to Speakers Featuring the Audio Technica AT-LP60

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